Style & Approach

Style: My photography style merges my news photojournalism background with a clean and fresh editorial approach to a subject. I love the challenge of producing truthful images which tell a story while also having an aesthetic and editorial appeal. I’m confident with photographing and directing people, having spent almost a decade also photographing bespoke safari weddings.

Equipment: I work with minimal equipment so that I am free to be as mobile and low-key as possible which I find is key to building trust and confidence when photographing shy or reluctant subjects. Importantly, it also enables me to get moving quickly in the field. Sometimes I use a portable studio kit.

 Structure: I offer tailor-made packages ranging from a morning’s coverage, to a ten-day assignment. Please get in touch for more information.

 Social media vs marketing images:In my opinion the two are becoming increasingly interchangeable these days. I personally think this is great news, because often your social media images are where the truth and real spirit of your business gets translated – and if you can make these both honest andeye-catching, all the better. I’m very aware of the large need businesses and NGOs have for social media images, and so my packages and work always ensures that these needs are catered for generously.



Safari lifestyle: Soulful real-life imagery for bespoke safari products

More grit, less glam. More frank, less feigned. I tend to mostly photograph personalised owner-run safari products – from walking safaris and small bush-camps to community camp experiences with editorial-travel imagery. With a photography style that merges editorial with documentary, I love the challenge of producing a truthful image that also has an aesthetic appeal.

Artisanal businesses:

I love to work with small businesses that promote female empowerment. I also enjoy working with small businesses that have an aim to promote pride and awareness in Africa’s richly abundant traditional artisanal skills.


With a special focus on photographic commissions that cover women who create change, projects that promote the status of women, and also shed light on the unequal opportunities women get too often.

Documenting the programs of NPOs and charities working to create positive changes in our communities.