I’m Mana Meadows and I’m a freelance photographer and writer specialising in producing documentary-style editorial content. I have a photojournalism background and love telling stories about everyday heroes, adventurous travel and people who work to save wild places. 


Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I began my early years growing up in a dusty little safari camp in Maun, Botswana, with occasional cobras in my cot and rusty steel trunks for tables. My parents traded this for the Zambezi river in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and ever since, wild spaces and wild creatures have always held my heart (I was also named after one of Zimbabwe's beautiful National Parks - so it should be in my blood!). 

I have lived in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya – working on travel and lifestyle publications where I have told stories about travel and wild places, everyday heroes and extraordinary charities and not-for-profits doing big things with very little. These interests have been the tickets to a life of travel and exploring – and ultimately, telling stories through the use of my favorite mediums: photography, writing and editing. I love taking the time to hear peoples’ stories, and spending time with people who still live close to nature. I love becoming immersed in new places and cultures, whether its people watching on a busy street corner – or photographing rural children who have never before seen a picture of themselves. 

I move between Zambia and Zimbabwe – based in north-west Zambia with my husband Matt and the cat who adopted us, Django. We go camping whenever we can and when I’m not exploring the dambos and miombo woodlands of this part of the world, I’m in Zimbabwe where I move between Bulawayo and Harare – and whichever National Park is closest! 

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What I can do for you


Documentary Editorial: My photography style merges my documentary photojournalism background with a clean and fresh editorial approach to a subject. I love the challenge of producing truthful images which tell a story while also having an aesthetic and editorial appeal.

Experience & Specialities

People say you should specialise but I feel if you’re passionate and committed enough, sometimes all-roundedness can be your strength when it comes to content production. I have edited travel, lifestyle and in-house corporate publications in Tanzania and Zimbabwe and I studied journalism at Rhodes University, South Africa where I specialised in documentary photojournalism. In another life I photograph bespoke safari weddings (see here), shooting a limited number each year. These have been invaluable in developing my strengths and temperament as a photographer: forcing me to learn how to engage people quickly but sincerely, and then be able to direct them and photograph them in a flattering yet candid and creative way.


Photography, writing & editing: I use my background as an editor and a features writer to shape the stories I tell with my photography. I’m available for photography commissions alone – or I can produce story packages combing writing and photography with an editor’s eye for layout and social media content.

Approach & Philosophy

I pride myself on my attention to detail, and the sensitivity and self-awareness with which I approach any subject. I really shine when working on meaningful in-depth feature stories – and I love working with organisations and charities where these stories are often centre-stage.


 Each year I do a small number of pro-bono jobs for needy organisations. If you know of a small charity or not-for-profit with a small team and a big heart who could do big things with a photographic portfolio of their work, please drop me a line here and introduce them.


WILDLIFE & LANDSCAPE FINE ART prints are available via custom orders so please do get in touch if you would like to place an order. Please see a collection of available images here

TRAVEL & WILDLIFE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY: I have a large collection of stock photography from Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia)  as well as Rajasthan and Ladakh in India so please feel free to contact me regarding usage and licensing. 

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